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First Steps
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    Simplicity is the key to planning your site. As you can see from the overall look of this website, a clean approach makes navigating and finding the information easy.

In the sections below we will discuss possible pages your site may need. A good approach is to break down your entire site into smaller components, when you have completed this task, which may require several levels of refinement you can begin thinking about the content for your pages. often simply breaking down your site will uncover much of the content you need to place on the site. Fire-up that word processor and begin! Place the title of your site at the top, and create your outline

To simplify the process, you could look at how this site is organized. You arrive at the home page which introduces who we are & what we do. From there you can use the navigation buttons to move to the various sections. We kept the pages to a minimum, and the overall content to a minimum. I want to maintain my viewers interest to follow all the way through the site, and hopefully use the contact form.

Flow: If your site has many pages, you might want to use a simplified flow chart or tree to help you layout the various parts of your site.