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Basic Components
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Looking at our site you can see we have the following main sections: Home / Clients / Pricing / Contact. There is also a navigation system that you see on every page. The overall structure of the site is held together using this navigation system.

The home page is a brief introduction, which shouldn't be too cluttered, or have endless pages of text to scroll through. If you sell few tangible products, you may want to place a picture of your product on the home page, or if you sell many different products, you may want an image that represents your market sector. Often links to news or special offers are best placed on the home page.

On our site the clients page is used to expand your knowledge of our site. We show you the work we have done. For most websites this would equate to an "about us" page that describes your company, its history and the types of products you sell.

The nature of your site will guide you here. We offer mainly one product: 'Website Design.' Our customers know the product and are hopefully interested in our prices, therefore we call the Products page the Pricing page. We also provide hosting, but this isn't our main focus (remember keeping it simple).

Your Needs
For your site, you may need to think about what you are offering, if there are many products, you may need to consider having pictures taken and compiling attractive descriptions so that the visitors to your site will know exactly what you are selling or offering.

All of our customers interact through the contact page. With a product based website a customers main interaction is with the products section, shopping cart and email confirmation. You may want to disclose your name, address and phone numbers on your contact page. A specific email address or forwarding address is necessary for keeping your personal address private, and to maintain a professional look for people contacting you. To clarify this; if you are making an enquiry at yourdomain.com and the contact address listed for the site is sales@yourdomain.com, this looks much more professional than johndoe73476@yourbell.net.