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Often overlooked is the navigation system. This site features 2. The main across the top, and the sub menu to the left. Often the sub menu on the left is relative to the section of the site you are viewing. In this case, all the lings navigate through this Help system. The presence of submenu's depends on the size of your website. It's imperative to think ahead when planning out your site, so that adequate space for menus can be incorporated into the design of the site.

Blank Space
In design terms, giving your readers eyes somewhere to rest is every bit as important as the content itself. Notice how the text you are reading is in a short column surrounded by plenty of white. We're not lazy and trying to pad out the pages, were ensuring the reader doesn't leave because they're faced with an entire page of text to wade through.

eMail Addresses
Now that you are on the way to starting your online business, you need to present yourself as professional. now is a great time to consider a few good email addresses. For personal or family communication you might want to use your name at your domain:
However when communicating with companies, you might want to use addresses like:

Essentially these names correspond to the type of communication you will be making. Lastly, giving your employees individual addresses if they need to represent your company when they are communicating to your clients via email.

A consistent Brand identification is important to your company image. If you have a logo, incorporating the logo into the design of the website is important. If not, we can create one for you.